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The Nemtek products range addresses many types of fencing needs ranging from domestic, retail and commercial, to airports, power stations, defence facilities and utilities.
Nemtek’s experience in the security field has revolutionized the way game farm and animal farm energizers are designed, not only to keep animals in, but now they also offer security experience and communication techniques to combat the theft of animals by poachers.

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    The Agri – 50 km solar range of energizers includes a solar panel, which is used to charge a battery during the day to power the energizer. Solar panels are usually provided with a separate solar regulator, but the Nemtek Agri solar range of energizers has a built-in solar regulator. This makes the energizer more portable and makes connecting of the energizer easier.

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    ## Order in product only ie. backorder only ##   The LCD display in the Druid range makes information on the status and performance of the energizer quick and easy to read. Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT) pioneered by Nemtek, these energizers offer a unique technology to detect how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy. This maximises the power on the fence and minimises false alarms.