Electric fence energizers that use either a 12volt battery or \"D\" cell batteries to power your electric fence.

Battery powered energisers

On Sale Now electric fence energiser for dogs and pets
You save:
 Thunderbird B20- 2 Km Battery or mains electric fence energiser
 Gallgher B10 1km battery electric fence energser
Thunderbird B60- 7.5 km battery/mains electric fence enerigiser
Speedrite AN20 - 1km battery electric fence energiser
Electric fence Thunderbird BD20-2km battery/mains power energiser
Electric fence  Gallagher B11 - 6v or 12v battery energiser
Electric fence  Speedrite AN90 2Km 6v or 12v battery energiser
Thunderbird B120- 15Km battery or mains power energiser
NEMTEK Equi-2J mains battery electric fence energiser controller remoteNEMTEK Equi-2J mains battery powered electric fence energiser
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