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Our electric fence products

What products do we stock and why

We try to supply products that meet the requirements for all people in need of electric fences. Some of the contributing factors of what we sell and  promote are

  • Price , we try to stock products that suit all budgets
  • Quality, we only try to stock products of medium to high quality and do not promote products that do not meet Australian standards
  • Australian made, If its Australian made and owned we love it and so should you. It helps to keep money and jobs in our country and at the end of the day you know you are getting a better made quality product.

But what I’m looking for isn’t in your store !!!

If there is an electric fence product you are chasing that we don’t have listed in our store just contact us and we will provide you with a price and availability. You can follow any of the electric fence manufacturers links to their website where you can view all their products and just ask us for a price on anything that is missing in our store.

We dont have every single product from every single supplier because it would be a constant battle to be up to date with prices and product upgrades, so we have the most popular,cost effective and reliable products in the online store but we can source any product from any major electric fence company.

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