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Category: Solar panels and charger kits for electric fence

Solar panels and charger kits can be added to any 12v battery operated electric fence energiser to make it into a solar electric fence energizer.

Handy Hints:

  • Face the panel north to collect as much solar radiation as possible during the day.
  • Keep the solar panel free from dust and vegetation that can cast shadows on it during the day.
  • Use a 12 volt battery that will give you at least 7 full days of energiser operation without any sun at all (check your energiser for current draw specifications) 
  • The basic formula is 10 Watts of solar panel per 10 kilometers of energiser rating.
  • A higher Wattage of solar panel is required in the southern states.
  • ALWAYS run the solar panel with a charging regulator to avoid over charging and battery damage

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